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 Welcome to my personal website, dedicated to my Triumph TR6 Petrol Injection,  Past and Present.

Even with the aerodynamics of a brick it is still my favourite TR.    Remember Nowhere’s far in a TR !!!

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Below is the photo album of my first rebuild Starting in 1980 and lasting until 1986. The main reason for taking so long was because I was in the merchant navy I was away at sea for a good proportion of the time.  The person in the photo is my younger brother.

Prototype TR6’s (courtesy of the original owner)

Continuing on from where the registration  A TR6 0K came from. Below are pictures the 1971 Ford Cortina MK 3 1300 cc. Saluki Bronze. The number was transferred to PEE5, which was sold and a new registration issued to the Ford Cortina which was sold shortly afterwards.