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 Welcome to my personal website, dedicated to my Triumph TR6 Petrol Injection,  Past and Present.

Even with the aerodynamics of a brick it is still my favourite TR.    Remember Nowhere’s far in a TR !!!

Conversion of My Right Hand Drive TR6 to Left Hand Drive

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As you can see the shell was originally off a 1973, 125 bhp totally original TR6pi.  The shell was remarkably sound considering it was in a damp garage for 20 years or more. The shell was totally stripped of old body shutz (a sound deadening rust preventing rubberised paint) Then it went to the sand blasters to get rid of the old paint enabling any weak areas caused by rust to appear It was immediately sprayed with red oxide paint after blasting for protection. Surprisingly very few holes appeared, the usual areas of rust were repaired, i.e sills, which were replaced with new ones. After repair it was re -primered then 2 pack primer was applied. That was then flatted down then 2 pack signal red paint was applied.