Welcome to my personal website, dedicated to my Triumph TR6 Petrol Injection,  Past and Present.

Even with the aerodynamics of a brick it is still my favourite TR.    Remember Nowhere’s far in a TR !!

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    In February 2018 my engine locked after starting it. Fortunately the car was stationary. I checked the usual and took off the oil sump cover and found pieces  of cintride steel in the bottom of it. Investigating further it  was number 4 cylinder  sleeve  that had dropped about 1” 25 mm. For whatever reason that caused it to drop I do not know, though I feel that it was poor machining which allowed the sleeve to drop, causing damage to it from the crankshaft.The engine was  performing excellently prior to this. The engine which was totally rebuilt with new or reconditioned parts as described previously, quite some time ago had done just 2400 kms or about 1500 miles.

After a lot of wasted time looking for an alternative engine block which may turn out not suitable which would need machining and also the additional cost of shipping from the UK to Spain etc. I decided to have the sleeves taken out and have new lipped liners put in  to the block, enabling me to reuse everything on my engine, as nothing else was damaged. The machine shop, which is in Elche just up the road from where I live took the sleeves out,  the correct lipped liners were located from the UK. They machined the block to facilitate them. They also, which I didn’t feel necessary, skimmed the minimum amount of metal off the top of the block.

 I used all new Payen gaskets, oil seals etc. Put the engine in the bay, where I built everything else on to it. I decided to replace all the PI system with reconditioned, fuel pump, metering unit and injectors. I have been using it and I am very pleased with it, It performs very well but am disappointed with having to spend a lot of money because of the original company that originally fitted the sleeves, had they have fitted them correctly I would not have had another machine shop redo the work properly.

On June 15th 2019 was the 50th Anniversary of the TR6 which was celebrated in Osnabruck, North West of Germany where Wilhelm  Karmann re-designed the Triumph TR6. I drove the TR6 with my wife. Excellent. Travelled about 5,000 kms there and back. It ran very well. 

We also went in the TR6 to the TR Register Spain, first European Meeting held in northern Spain at Pamplona, on the 20th September 2019 an excellent meeting.  it was about 2100 Kms drive total from my home but remember, Nowhere’s far in a TR.